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Date: 24th May 2017 @ 6:12pm

Sometimes people ask us, what's so different about a Catholic school? Well, for us, the school is part of a group of wider communities. First of all, we are part of St Mary of the Angels' and St Saviour's parish community. Thats why the parish priest Father Louis and the Deacon, Tony Hunt are an integral part of our school. We believe that each individual in our school is unique, and made in the likeness of God. We don't just care about their academic progress in life - we care about their spiritual progress in this life and the next. That's why we follow Jesus' first and most important commandment - Love God and Love your neighbour. The children came up with our Mission Statement - Love Jesus, love learning, love life'. It was affirmed by staff, parents and governors; and we really try to act out this ethos in what we do daily. We're also part of our wider Diocese; and then part of the Catholic Church as a whole, and the world wide Christian faith.

This week, Bishop Mark, Bishop of Shrewsbury, visited our parish to bless our new shrine to Our Lady of Fatima, one hundred years exactly since the miracle at Fatima in Portugal. It was a joy to see the church packed, many of our children there alongside other parishioners, many of whom have grown up in the area for 80 years or more. We were united in prayer, respect and love. This week, our grandparents have been invited into school for 'stay and play' sessions - and no doubt, the pupils will be spoiling them! We're that kind of school. We believe the Holy Spirit watches over us all.

Our governors have certain responsibilities that County Primary schools don't have, as we are a Catholic school. For example, our governors are the employers of all the staff. They are responsible for the upkeep of the buildings. They also take full responsibility for the admission of pupils to the school. Yet, it's much more than that. People choose to come to this school because they like our values, they feel that the Catholic ethos is somehow important to them, even if they don't go to church. The school is full every year. We have children of different faiths and they are so welcome. We are happy to learn about other faiths; we do this across the terms; and we're asked by God to share our faith with others, which we do.

Please know that your church (whether you live near St Mary of the Angels or St Saviours) is just that.....YOUR church. Father Louis doesn't want anyone to feel excluded. He wants each of you INcluded. Please join us, every Sunday. Make the parish-school lifelong bond a reality for your children, for your family. Even if you haven't been to church for a long time, please step back in; there's a warm welcome for you. We also have a programme for friends to join our church; some parents are doing this now, becuse they asked us recently.

You may well find that something which has been missing from your life will restore your faith in mankind - and in God. We thank the Lord for watching over us all at St Mary of the Angels.


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