Year 4 have been testing different materials for sound proofing. They conducted an experiment to test which material would be suitable to soundproof a music studio.

Taylor Swift, an ipad, and various materials assisted the class obtain their results! 

The children had also been looking at sound and pitch as part of their learning. It was time for them to take on a 'sound' challenge.

We looked at the music group 'Weapons of Sound' and saw how they created their instruments using junk. I then gave the class various junk items to choose from and they set about making their own instruments. We even had a little beat boxing/percussion session to test them out!

Year 4 were so proud of their creations that we spent some time working with EYFS and the class showed the pupils their instruments and how to make different sounds with them.



St Mary of the Angels Primary School, Rossall Grove, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH66 1NN