Our school day.


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Morning session: Infants - 8.50 a.m.- 12 noon.

Juniors - 8.50 a.m.- 12.00 p.m.

Afternoon session: infants - 1.00 p.m. - 3.15 p.m. (with a 10 minute break).

Juniors - 1.15 p.m - 3.15 p.m.

Children should not arrive at school unaccompanied before 8.40 a.m. for safeguarding reasons. If you need to bring your child to school earlier than this, we have a wonderful breakfast club, where they can be warm, safe and dry.


· LATE: If children arrive after 8.50 a.m., they should report to the school office, where they will be recorded as late in the register. WE INSIST THAT CHILDREN SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL ON TIME PLEASE. The first part of the day is a time for reading & practising key skills - don't miss it!

· UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE: Arrival after 9.10 a.m. will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

We adopt an ‘open door’ policy and your child’s class teacher is usually available at 3.15 p.m. each day, to discuss any concerns, as long as there are no staff meetings. If so, you can arrange a mutually acceptable time at the door. We would ask, if at all possible, that you try to avoid seeing him/her at the start of the school day as teachers need to be free to greet their class, speak to children and settle children into their daily routines. So if you need to see your child’s class teacher in the morning, please do call into the office to make an appointment.

We aim to have MEET AND GREET staff outside the school in orange jackets. If you have any queries, messages for the school office - or for your teacher, why not tell the 'meet and greeters' who will pass all messages on for you - or else they can answer your queries. This saves you queueing at the office; and allows pupils, staff and teachers to get down to work more quickly.

If you need to get a message to your child’s class teacher, 'greeters' or the school office will always pass on a message, on your behalf.We also have a 24 hour answerphone and email addresses on this website.


Registers are taken at the start of morning and afternoon sessions. Any child who is not in class at this time will receive an absent mark.  If children then arrive late, they should enter school via the school office, who will record them their arrival as 'late’ .  Any arrivals after 9.10 a.m. will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

The school’s registers are checked regularly by the Education Welfare Officer to identify patterns of lateness and absence. School must be informed of absence on the first day, either by telephone or letter. Any absence not explained is registered as unauthorised.

Everyone is given a sturdy book bag when they start school, which is weatherproof. Please bring it every day, with your book, homework, letters, notes and any loose change in here. There is plenty of room in this bag. Please don't send big rucksacks, due to lack of space. You'll also need to bring your PE kit daily; or leave it in school if necessary. It can be cold outside; apart from hot summer days, so do send a good warm waterproof coat. Wear your own; or you can buy a school fleecy coat with luminous strips, via our office.


Children pray every day in class with their teachers. Reflective times are known as 'collective worship'.

Friday is a special Whole School Celebration Assembly. (Awards are given for individual, class & whole school achievements - such as the 'best class for attendance'.)

*Class assemblies for parents take place throughout the school year, as indicated on the school diary, where pupils will act, read, pray, sing, dance, worship and celebrate their Religious Education topics.


In general children who are unwell should be kept at home. Sniffles and colds though are generally not an excuse to stay off school. If in doubt, speak to us; send pupils in; and we'll make a decision if they aren't well. The staff come to school with minor colds and ailments so the pupils should too; it's the real world of work!

However, if there has been any sickness or diarrhoea, they should remain at home for 24 hours after their last occurrance. For other infectious illness, further advice is available from school, based on advice from the N.H.S./School Nurse.

It is very important that we are kept informed of any changes of address and/or work/mobile telephone numbers in case we need to make contact with you during the school day if your child is unwell.

If your child is prescribed a course of antibiotics and returns to school, you will need to complete a medication form from the school office. School staff are not permitted to administer non-prescribed drugs, e.g. Calpol, cough medicine from the supermarket etc.

Disability is not a reason for non attendance. We will always help anyone with specific disabilities, to enable them to have full access to all school learning and facilities. For example, staff are trained in manual handling issues, as well as some specially trained staff for dealing with conditions such as mental health problems, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy. Other disabilities are catered for, and we work closely with medical practitioners, social workers etc, for the wellbeing of every pupil.


As part of our healthy school ethos, we believe that it is important that children drink water; and we supply a personalised water bottle for every child  (thanks to our bottle sponsors, Urenco, who purchase our bottles for us.)


We are trying to encourage healthy eating at school, as part of a balanced diet. We would, therefore, request that you support us and send healthy snacks of only fresh/dried fruit or child-friendly vegetables for children. We respectfully ask that no sweets, chocolate or sticky, sugary snacks are sent in, as snacks.

A healthy snack trolley is available every day for both infant and junior children. There is usually a selection of toast, bagels, fruit, milk, fresh apple juice, water etc.

Infant children are provided with a FREE mid-afternoon snack of either a fruit or a vegetable (eg an apple, carrot sticks) each day, through the National Fruit for Schools scheme.

Please note; school days can vary. For example, we might have an educational trip; a visiting theatre experience; or an author visiting school. More inormation about our wider, term by term and year by year curriculum can be found on our 'Curriculum' page. This will help you to help your children to learn, in line with current topics. Thank you.

Please follow this link to read the procedure for dropping off/picking up your child 

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