In our lessons, we conducted an experiment to find out which shaped canopy would be the best for a parachute. We defined best as the parachute that took longest to reach the floor, all parachutes being dropped from the same height. We dropped each parachute three times and took the best time for each.

We found that the rectangular parachute was the best - that is, it took longest to drop to the floor. In second place was the oval parachute and in third was the circular parachute. The triangular parachute came in forth position and the square parachute came in fifth position.

The children learned a great deal in predicting, and saying why each different shaped canopy would be better or worse than the others. All had great ideas.

At the end of our investigation, we evaluated it and worked out two reasons how it could have been improved.

Thank you Year 3 for some great ideas and for working so hard. Attached our some pictures from our investigation.


Photography by Nathaniel






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