This week, we have explored the following learning objectives:

Friday 13th July:


  • Can I identify a position in the first quadrant?
  • Can I reflect a shape?
  • Can I reflect coordinates?
  • Can I translate a shape? 


This game helps you to practise fractions. 


Have a go of this game which involves column addition.


  • Try some problem solving activities here.


  • Recall your multiplication facts quickly in this snake game. You can change the settings in order to practise other objectives including Roman Numerals.



  • Practise adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers here with the Connect Three game. 


  • BBC Bitesize has lots of activities which can help you to practise all areas of the maths curriculum.


  • Are you practising your times tables daily? You can follow this link to play games which will improve your knowledge in a fun way! The children love 'Hit the Button' which can be found through this link!


  • Watch this times tables song to practise all of the tables in a fun and catchy way!




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