South America Project: Please bring to school on Monday 13th November. Use the sheet I gave you to help you, but you can present your work in any way you wish.


Spellings: Words from the year 3/4 word list. Test on Monday 6th November.


What should your child be doing each week?

  • ​Reading at least 10 pages every night
  • Practice times tables every day
  • Spellings are given on a Friday, to be learnt for the following Friday
  • Mathletics
  • Creative writing/projects

However, in preparation for the SATs tests in May, additional Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation work may be given.

Please continue to support your children with their efforts.



Children are expected to practice writing the words on the sheet provided. They are also required to write a sentence which uses the word in the correct context. It is suggested that this activity is spread over the week to avoid having to write all the sentences on Thursday night. In addition to improving their spelling and vocabulary, this activity aims to improve their handwriting and presentation.

​Please ensure that your presentation is neat, handwriting is legible and appropriate punctuation is included.


 Having listened to your child read, please sign the Reading Record Book. Also, ask questions about what they have read or ask them to retell key events from the story. Encourage them, whenever possible, to share their reading with you.

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