Weekly Homework: 

Maths on a Friday, due in the following Monday --> This will be an allocated page in their new CGP book. The page number(s) will be written at the top of each new spelling sheet.

Conprehension on a Friday, due in the following Friday --> This will be an allocated page in their new CGP book. The page number(s) will be written at the top of each new spelling sheet.


Spellings --> Each child will get a set of new spellings on a Friday. The test will be a week later on a Friday (this will occasionally change due to school holidays). The spellings are now written as dictation sentences. In the test, children will be expected to write out the whole sentence but will still get a mark out of 20 for their key spellings.



Reading and times tables: You are expected to read your school book and practise your times tables daily. Please remember to sign this off in the reading records. 




Current homework -->


Maths: Set: Friday 12th January. Due: Monday 15th January. 

Pages 70 and 71.

Comprehension: Set: Friday 12th January. Due: Friday 19th January.

Pages 2 and 3.



Date: 12/1/18

Maths CGP book: Pages 70/71

Comprehension CGP book: Pages 2/3

This week’s key spellings are in bold print. You can practise these sentences in your book if you want. Ask your adult to check them with you and spot any mistakes you have made.

Good luck!

Apostrophes for possession (singular noun)


1. India’s population is around 1.34 billion people.

2. Based on area, America’s largest state is Alaska.

3. I would like to go and experience Australia’s culture.

4. England’s countryside is very beautiful.

5. The forest’s footpath was overgrown.

6. The tiger’s prey tried to run away quickly.

7. The book’s pages had been torn.

8. Her sister’s room was always very messy.

9. My brother’s car is a light shade of blue.

10. The school’s playground was covered in thick snow.

11. The classroom’s display changed with each new topic.

12. Sarah’s hands got very cold in the freezing weather.

13. Oliver’s reading book was in his tray.

14. The elephant’s enclosure was a large size.

15. The cat’s food bowl was empty.

16. The dog’s bed was covered in muddy paw prints.

17. My friend’s house is around the corner from mine.

18. My teacher’s cats have black, white and grey fur.

19. The nurse’s patient was very grateful.

20. The engineer’s job was very complicated.




Please use your times tables record sheets that you have been given to record which tables you have been practising. All you need to do is put the short date in the column. This is for your own personal use at home but I will run competitions from time to time to see who has been practising the most.



Year 5 are now doing daily times tables challenges and if your child beats a best time, they will be entered into the draw to win a special prize at the end of the Autumn term. 






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