Guided Reading lessons...

In our guided reading lessons, we are currently reading Stig of the Dump and Ug; both are books about the Stone Age.

In these lessons, children are encouraged to read the text with the teacher guiding them.

In our lessons children focus on a variety of objectives...

...children read the text correctly; that is, they are encouraged to pay close attention to the punctuation, language and rhythm of the text.

...children search for answers within the text; these can be facts found on the page, or inferences contained within the text but not explicitly stated.

…children will evaluate the book or author’s use of language.

Lessons can involve a range of texts: we cover poetry, picture books, novels, plays and information books.

When we begin a new book we talk about its genre, make predictions and quickly look through the book to get a flavour of its content.

If pupils can’t read a particular word, then we discuss strategies to help them—like read to the end of the sentence, or use your phonic knowledge, etc.

In guided reading lessons, children read independently and at their own pace.

Photography by Rosie and Liam.

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